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Art order form

  • Info about project, character(s) and/or relationship(s): ... (More detail is always good!)

  • Links to reference images: ...

  • Description of pose(s), expression(s), props, scene details: ...

  • Style & size: ... (To make sure that you get what you want, attach a link to one of the example images)

  • Budget (optional): ...

  • Permission to post this to social media?: ...

Music order form

  • Info about related character(s) and/or project: ... (More detail is always good!)

  • Number of instruments: 1-3 or 4-6 or 7+ (note that piano counts as two instruments and a drum set counts as one)

  • Length: Approximate in minutes, but feel free to be specific; default is 2 minutes

  • Mood, genre, pace, other style specifications: ...

  • Links to other music with a similar style/sound: ...

  • Possible instruments (optional): ...

  • Budget (optional): ...

  • Permission to post this to social media?: ...

Do read my terms of service (below) before ordering! To order, email me at, or contact me below, with a filled order form.

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Terms of Service


  • Prices on my sheet may change without warning. If budget is a concern, do check my latest prices before you place an order.

  • Prices are listed in US Dollars.

  • I am able to work to a (reasonable) budget. The complexity of the commission may change to accommodate your budget.


  • Payment will be made either through a Paypal invoice, or through bank transfer if you are based in Singapore or Australia.

  • If you wish to use the work commercially (such as listed under Usage rights), please request permission while ordering, as this affects the price. My commercial rates are 1.5x my private rates.

  • Work begins after payment is completed.

  • Your name will be displayed on my public commission queue by default, unless privacy is requested.

  • Full refunds may be requested only until the sketch (for art) or short draft (for music) is approved. After that, no refunds will be offered.


  • Artwork will be delivered as a PNG file.

  • Music will be delivered as an (uncompressed) WAV file and a (compressed) MP3 file.

  • Other files may be provided on request.

  • Small updates may be requested after the final delivery.

Usage rights

  • Do not claim the commissioned material as your own work. Wherever it is used, credit me with a link to my website ( or relevant social media.

  • You may make small edits to the commissioned material for personal use. Permission is not required.

  • You may use the commissioned material for non-commercial purposes without restriction, such as custom physical items, prints, and personal social media.

  • Unless commercial rates are paid and written permission is granted, you may not use the commissioned material in commercial media, or to advertise said media, such as (but not limited to):

    • Assets in commercial games and animations.

    • All mass-produced physical media.

    • Advertisement graphics and background music.

    • Spotify, Redbubble, and other direct monetisation of the commissioned material.

  • You may use the commissioned material in donation-based media, or media where the audience is not required to pay for the commissioned material, such as (but not limited to):

    • Site icons and banners for donation websites like Patreon and Ko-fi.

    • Social media profiles where your own work is advertised (but not in ads themselves, see the previous bullet point).

    • Emotes and music for monetised streams.

  • ​You may use or reinterpret the commissioned material in some parodies and remixes that are made commercially available (please discuss first, as this varies case by case).

  • I reserve the right to use the completed art in future commission advertisements and portfolios.

By ordering, you agree to all of the above.